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Linda De La Fuente

Medical Esthetician

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Linda at Lash Genie

Linda is well know for her peeling expertise. She is a licensed esthetics instructor who brings with her more then 19 years experience and an advanced skill set. Jumping straight into Medical Esthetics from the day she became an esthetician in 1995. She knew she wanted to make a difference and show results in her patients skin, so she studied under Plastic Surgeons and focused on chemical peels, dermaplaning, and permanent make-up applications.

In addition to being trained by medical professionals, she continued her education with a peel expert from Hollywood who performed these services on A-list clientele. Linda offers a variety of peels at all levels from light maintenance peels to deep peels. Even combining epidermal level methods and enzymatic exfoliation to achieve the best possible results.

Superficial skin peels are one of the most powerful non-surgical skin improvements available. They remove buildup, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, large pores and oiliness. Peel treatments also help clear blemishes, treat hyper-pigmentation and improve overall texture and tone! Book a consultation with Linda to get started on your skin care regimen. She can discuss dermaplaning and chemical peels with you.